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Signature Shorts

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Sale price€65,00
Color:Navy Blue

Why Choose ZAND&ZOUT Signature Shorts?
The ZAND&ZOUT signature shorts are designed with your comfort in mind. Thanks to the thoughtful design, all your discomforts are eliminated without compromising on style.

No mesh = no itching or irritation: The mesh has been replaced with our soft lining, ensuring that you no longer experience any itching or irritation from that bothersome net.
Prevent chafing: The breathable, soft lining prevents your legs from rubbing against each other, thus eliminating another source of discomfort.
Keep your shorts up: The elastic waistband fits well on the hips, so your swim shorts won't slide down.
Prevent sand from entering your swim shorts: The waistband and lining together form a barrier against sand, keeping your private parts fully protected.
Freedom to move: The outer shorts are designed to allow you to move freely. Additionally, a specific weaving method is used, making the fabric sturdy yet with a slight stretch, ensuring optimal flexibility.

Navy Blue
Signature Shorts Sale price€65,00

Unique design

Your next adventure in style and comfort, without the worry of chafing and irritation.

Produced in portugal

Each pair is made with great attention to detail in Porto, Portugal ensuring the highest quality and durability.

Premium materials

Our swim shorts are made from premium materials, for exceptional comfort and durability.

Prevent chafing and discomforts

The breathable soft liner of the ZAND&ZOUT Signature Shorts is designed to keep you comfortable all day long. It prevents chafing, irritation, and discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your beach activities without any distractions. Stay cool and comfortable whether you're surfing, lounging, or exploring.

Freedom of movement

The robust shell fabric of the ZAND&ZOUT Signature Shorts ensures durability and freedom of movement. Designed for all-day comfort, it keeps you looking stylish while providing excellent performance in and out of the water.

Prevent sand irritation

The secure elastic waistband keeps your shorts up, and the sand out.